Iba Umngani

Iba-Umngani was founded in November 1999 as the Be a Friend Foundation.  The name was changed to Iba-Umngani – which is Zulu for Be a Friend - in January 2010.
The Reason that Margaret and Swannie started Iba-Umngani were emergency safe-house parents from 1996 – 2000. They looked after 16 children during that time (15 of them teenagers). In June of 2000 a baby boy who was abandoned was placed in their care. They then decided to adopt him.  He is now a very happy and well balanced teenager of 17 years. At that time Childline’s policy was that if you adopted you could no longer be safe-house parents and they still wanted to help children all back.


Iba-Umngani, the Child Protection Unit and the Gauteng Dept of Social Services.

Special Projects

Food for the children that must appear in court, And the Magicland Creche