Comfort Kits

Iba-Umngani, the Child Protection Unit and the Gauteng Dept of Social Services, designed a "comfort" kit for children who need to be removed from their homes and placed in a "safe" house.  Children need to be removed for several reasons, including danger to the child due to physical and/or sexual abuse by a household member. These kits are also for abandoned babies. Often these children are removed with only the clothes they are wearing.  After being abused, they are then traumatised further by being placed in a strange environment.  Although the children are innocent victims, this secondary traumatisation is unfortunate, albeit inevitable. The kit includes amongst others, a soft cuddly toy, face cloth, towel, soap, shampoo, body lotion, toothbrush, toothpaste, comb/hairbrush, sweets, biscuits, juice, etc. - for babies, nappies, baby grow, bottles, milk formula and basic toiletries as well.The items are packed in a nice shoulder bag. Each kit costs approximately R500. The kit helps to restore some human dignity to these children, by giving them something they can call their own to take with them.  Giving them these basic necessities helps them feel more secure until they settle into their new home.  These kits which you so kindly sponsor, are given to the Child Protection Services in your area, to give to the children at the time they are removed. This makes the placement of a child in a new environment less traumatic, which also helps to facilitate their recovery during therapy later on.